[urban interfaces] research group at Utrecht University


Every year, the [urban interfaces] organizes a graduate seminar in collaboration with The Netherlands Research school for Media Studies (RMeS). These seminars usually consists of three to four intensive meetings around a specific theme at the intersection of media and urban culture, in which we discuss curated literature, projects, and work on assignments.

Overview of seminars so far:

2021-2022: The Magic City: [urban interfaces] graduate seminar 2021-2022

2020-2021: Interfacing The (In)Formal City: [urban interfaces] graduate seminar 2020-2021

2019-2020: Urban Ecologies: The [urban interfaces] graduate seminar 

2018-2019: The Right To The City: the [urban interfaces] graduate seminar 2018-2019

2017-2018: Urban Friction: the [urban interfaces] graduate seminar 2017-2018