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Guest Contribution Jackson Moffatt – “In Touch But Not Together”: Exploring Urban Interfaces Through Electronic Dance Music Performance

The [urban interfaces] research group (ir)regularly accepts guest blog contributions. This contribution – written by Jackson Moffatt –  is an edited version of a paper produced as part of the level 3 course at Utrecht University, called ‘Spaces and Screens’ in the BA Media and Culture; advanced trajectory Film & Media Culture and Comparative Media Studies….

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guest blogpost: Sara Brunello – What magic can do

For our [urban interfaces] seminar series on the theme The Magic City (2021-2022), we invited participants to write blogposts. The best and most interesting ones we publish on our website. Below is the blogpost for week 1, written by Sara Brunello Sara Brunello is a Media, Art and Performance student at Utrecht University. Her research centres…

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