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[urban interfaces]


25 June 2018
10:00 - 13:00
Utrecht University, Drift 13 (room 005), Utrecht

Scenographic Mapping: Exploring Urban Frictions from the Perspective of Scenography

Hosted by: Sigrid Merx & Liesbeth Groot-Nibbelink

Location: University College Utrecht, Locke Hall/classroom B.
(max. 20 participants)

Platform-Scenography, a Dutch platform of scenographers and dramaturgs co-founded by theatre scholars from Utrecht University, is interested in the question of how spaces work both in and outside the theatre, and how, in their specific material manifestation, structural organization and locatedness, they produce and facilitate potential actions and experiences. We are not interested in what a space might represent or what it means, but how it performs. What does the space do? What does it do us, how does it affect us? What does it allow us to do in it and with it? And how does it do that? Moreover, we want to find out what spaces do and how they perform, not by thinking about these spaces, but thinking in, with and through them; by going into the spaces we want to explore, observing and mapping them, preferably with others, because thinking space for P-S is a collective practice that benefits from a multiplicity of perspectives, experiences and knowledge. In this workshop, we will collectively explore public spaces from the perspective of scenography with a focus on spatial manifestations of ‘urban frictions’.

For registration, please use the link given above or go to the Pre-Conference Workshops of the Website Media in Transition.