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New visiting scholar: Sergio Martínez Luna

Sergio Martínez Luna holds a PhD in Humanities from Carlos III University, Madrid, Spain (UC3M). His dissertation explores the articulations between theories of image and vision and the concept of culture in the fields of Social and Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Studies. He works as a professor in Visual Rhetoric at the Department of Philosophy, Language and Literature (UC3M) His research interests include Visual Studies and Philosophy of Image, theories of materiality and its relationship with visuality, and Visual Culture, Art and Education. His primary research interest is the study of processes of socialization and subjectivisation provided by the new conditions of contemporary image and visuality with a focus on the questions of visual mediation and the material dimension of images. He has published articles on contemporary Visual Culture, digitation and materiality, and visual literacy.

Sergio Martínez will join ICON as a visiting researcher from June to September 2017. During his stay at Utrecht University, he will do research on the interrelations between contemporary Visual Culture and public sphere and public space. Exploring what images do in public space and public sphere leads to the question of the agency of images, its capacity to mediate social and cultural processes, and its materiality in the context of digitation of spaces and lifeworlds.