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15 June 2016

Meet & greet event with Heidi Rae Cooley (University of South Carolina): Mobile Apps for Visualising Hidden Histories

We host another meet & greet event in 2016, this time with Heidi Rae Cooley. Heidi is an associate professor of Media Arts in the School of Visual Art and Design and Film and Media Studies Program at the University of South Carolina. Her book Finding Augusta: Habits of Mobility and Governance in the Digital Era (2014) won the 2015 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Anne Friedberg Innovative Scholarship Award. Her collaboration with computer scientist Dr. Duncan Buell has produced Augusta App, Finding Augusta’s digital supplement, and Ghosts of the Horseshoe, a mobile application for iPad that makes visible the unacknowledged history of enslaved labor that made possible USC’s historic Horseshoe campus (est. 1801). They are currently developing Ward One, a mobile application that features the personal narratives of Columbia, South Carolina Ward One community members whose homes, neighborhoods, businesses, etc., fell victim to policies of urban renewal (1940s to 1970s). For more info on Heidi’s projects see the link above.