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[urban interfaces]


30 May 2018
15:00 - 17:00
Parnassos, Kruisstraat 201, Utrecht.

“Comparative Perspective on Situated Projects”

To prepare for this meeting you are required to read the following text and excerpt as an inspiration, to understand locality and site-specificity that entails an inherently comparative perspective on urban frictions. Keep in mind you will be employing the following readings as a lens to analysis the projects mentioned below.

– “Curating the City: Urban Interfaces and Locative Media as Experimental Platforms for Cultural Data” by Nanna Verhoeff and Clancy Wilmot in Rob Kitchin and Sung-Yueh Perng (eds.), Code & The City. 2016. London: Routledge. (Find the pdf attached).

– Excerpt from Theatre/Archeology by Mike Pearson and Michael Shanks:

“Site-specific performances are conceived for, mounted within and conditioned by the particulars of found spaces, existing social situations or locations, both used and disused: sites of work, play and worship: cattle-market, chapel, factory, cathedral, railway station. They rely, for their conception and their interpretation, upon the complex coexistence, superimposition and interpenetration of a number of narratives and architectures, histor- ical and contemporary, of two basic orders: that which is of the site, its fixtures and fittings, and that which is brought to the site, the performance and its scenography: of that which pre-exits the work and that which is of the work: of the past and of the present. They are inseparable from their sites, the only contexts within which they are intelligible. Performance recontextualises such sites: it is the latest occupation of a location at which other occupations – their material traces and histories – are still apparent: site is not just an interesting, and disinterested, backdrop. Such performance, in its themes and means of exposition, is not of necessity congruent with its site as when a sixth-century battle is enacted in a car factory. Interpenetrating narratives jostle to create meanings.The multiple meanings and readings of performance and site intermingle, amending and compromising one another.” (2001, p.23)

You are also required to look into the following projects as teams – 100% City produced by Rimini Protokoll in coproduction with HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Body Movies by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Each team will be assigned to watch one video from each of the projects focusing on particular localities.