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RMeS​ ​Masterclass​ ​Janet​ ​Murray:​ ​‘Making​ ​Interactive​ ​Narrative’ 29​ ​September​ ​2017

Vincent Baptist, Matthias Nothnagel, Rianne Riemens, Zeynep Yavuz (RMa Media Studies UvA) The masterclass led by professor Janet Murray gave an introduction to the practices of interactive storytelling. In her text “A Tale of Two Boyfriends”, Murray introduces an abstracted type of storytelling that is called ‘W2P’: a formalist technique for stories in which a…

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Talk at Data (For) Culture conference in Katowice, 2 Dec. 2017

On December 2 2017 I will give a talk at the Data (For) Culture conference in Katowice. The event is organized by Medialab Katowice. About the event: During the conference, experts from Poland and abroad will discuss a number of topics, including: (a) how to combine traditional methods of cultural research with the analysis of large data sets from…

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Footings: blog by Jessica Scarpati

One of our RMA students, Jessica Scarpati, worked as an intern for New American Public Art, and in that capacity wrote a blog about critical reflections on public art and location-based media. The name is Footings.

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(re)mistify: blog by Paul Schmidt

Originally from the planet-like metropolis of Berlin and now confronted with life in the (not so) tiny and (very) clean cities of The Netherlands, RMA student Paul Schmidt blogs on a quest to find the moments, ideas, and places where the city is more than it looks like. Follow him on (re)mystify!

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