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The purpose of the research group [urban interfaces] is to bring together the disparate elements of rapid and radical urban transformations, reflexive cultural practices, and theoretical perspectives from media and culture studies, in order to shape the debate and to contribute to the formation of today’s cities.

Our key value and productive contribution as media and culture scholars lies in a) developing the theoretical and conceptual tools necessary for understanding the dynamics of urban transformations, b) our acute sensitivity for, and awareness of the elucidating, reflexive and critical potential of practices in media, art and performance, and c) the multi-disciplinary practices which we ourselves undertake as engaged academics, and our manifold collaborations and network activities with cultural partners and stakeholders in the field.

In our research we bring together multiple fields, topics and research foci, among which: mobile media studies, scenography and dramaturgy, interface theory, media architecture, urban media art, participatory culture, network theory, game studies, locative media, screen theory, design theory, architecture.

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– 2017 Michiel de Lange. 19 January. Invited keynote for iCity Masterclass at University of Amsterdam.

– 2017 Michiel de Lange. 30 Jan. invited talk at Ecogames Symposium, organized by Joost Raessens at Utrecht University: https://www.uu.nl/en/events/symposium-ecogames-game-research-meets-sustainability

– 2017 Michiel de Lange. 30 Sept. talk “Data en de stad” at Betweterfestival on 30 September 2017.

– 2017 Michiel de Lange 1-2 April – Invited keynote speaker at Datapublics workshop/conference, Lancaster University. http://datapublics.net

– 2017 Sigrid Merx and Cecilie Sachs Olsen. Critical Workshop on Measuring Impact of Public Art at A Sense of Place: Arts, Enterprise & Placemaking an Interdisciplinary Conference of the University of Bedfordshire, London. November 4-7.

– 2017 Sigrid Merx. Participated and presented in a selective seminar ‘Articulating Artistic Research 5.0: The Position of the Researcher’ at the 2017 Canadian Association for Theatre annual conference.

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– 2017 Sigrid Merx. Studium Generale UU (Art in public space).

– 2017 Sigrid Merx. Studium Generale TU Eindhoven (Art in public space).

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Live action research events in collaboration with Platform-Scenography and commissioned by different cultural partners (Sigrid Merx).

– 2015 Exposium, commissioned by SharedSpace.

– 2015 Between Realities #Prague, commissioned by Prague Quadriennal.

– 2016 LAR Amsterdamse Straatweg, commissioned by Utrecht University.

– 2016 The Culture of Control, commissioned by STROOM.

– 2017 Between Realities #Athens; commissioned by Greek curator Thanos Vavolis.

– 2018 Urban Heat/ with SPRING Festival, curation of Final Academy in Utrecht on Art and activism in the city (2018).


– 5 December workshop From Signal to Visual (in collaboration with Datafied Society) at SensorLab, Utrecht (Nanna Verhoeff).

– 1-2 December invited (special lecture) speaker at “DATA (FOR) CULTURE” event, Katowice, https://dataforculture.eu/en/programme/ (Michiel de Lange).

– 24 October moderator of Conference “A City as Smart as its Citizens” NatLab, Eindhoven (Dutch Design Week/World Design Event) (Michiel de Lange).

– 5-7 5 October co-organizer Tabita Rezaire PCI: Lecture and Screening (Michiel de Lange).

– 28 Sept. organizing and moderating panel “Algorithmic Reality” at Netherlands Film Festival (Michiel de Lange).

– 27 Sept. moderation at Netherlands Film Festival. Co.Laborations and Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) teaming up for end of Sept. 2017 (Michiel de Lange).

– Sept Invited workshop participant “The Right to the Smart City” organized by Rob Kitchin at Maynooth Univ., Ireland (Michiel de Lange).

– 20-21 April – Moderation of International Games for Cities conference at Het Nieuwe Instituut – http://gamesforcities.com/ (Michiel de Lange).

– 19 April Co-organizing colloquium with Eric Gordon (with HvA, and Play the City) (Michiel de Lange).

-Moderation Studium Generale ArteZ. Moderation: Revolte: The revolution will be live (Sigrid Merx).


– 12 Jan. 2016 Invited talk “Playful City” talk COST TU1306 Action, Poznan (Michiel de Lange).

– 14 March 2016 Pakhuis Commons evening – invited panellist (Michiel de Lange).

– 21 March 2016 Invited respondent Dorien Zandbergen event Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions (AMS ) (Michiel de Lange).

– 20 April 2016 Invited participant and advisor Nationale Wetenschapsagenda “Smart City” track – TU Delft (Michiel de Lange).

– 23 April – 10 July 2016 contribution to IABR expo “Hackable Cityplot” (Michiel de Lange).

– 20 May Invited respondent “Affect Space” symposium (Eric Kluitenberg). (Michiel de Lange).

– 27 May Fab City Amsterdam – testing hackable watergame (Michiel de Lange).

– 30 May 2016 EU city makers summit watergame testing Pakhuis (Michiel de Lange).

– 6 Juni 2016 Host of a Datafied Society “Smart Cities” meeting UU (Michiel de Lange).

– 16 June 2016 Expertise Centre: organize game spectatorship event Het Nieuwe Instituut. 23 June (Michiel de Lange).

– Organized & chaired “Smart & Playful Cities” seminar for Games focus area (Michiel de Lange).

– 29 June Lead Watergame testing at International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam (IABR) (Michiel de Lange).

– 30 June Invited speaker INtetain conference Utrecht. (Michiel de Lange).

– Interview Smart City article by Rob Hartgens for ING bank internal pub. (Michiel de Lange).

– 20 Sept. 2016 Invited guest lecture Innovation Institute Copernicus UU (Frans Sengers). (Michiel de Lange).

– 20 Sept 2016 Invited guest lecture about the data-driven smart city for UDS at Stadhuis Gem. Dordrecht (Michiel de Lange).

– 3 Oct. 2016 moderation of “Rezone Redesire” game launch in Pakhuis de Zwijger (Michiel de Lange).

– 11 Oct. 2016 moderation of Games for Cities event in Pakhuis de Zwijger http://gamesforcities.com. (Michiel de Lange).

– 12 Oct. Invited guest lecture UU Humanities Lectures 2016-17 ” Imaginaries of the Future ” about hackable city project (Michiel de Lange).

– 23 Oct. 2016 Moderation Utrecht “Games for Cities” Talkshow in Overvecht http://gamesforcities.com/ (Michiel de Lange).

– 24 Oct. Co-organized seminar with Maarten Hajer hosted by the Urban interfaces group (Michiel de Lange).

– 27 Oct. Organized & moderated session at Impakt Festival with student presentations from Research Lab 1 course (Michiel de Lange).

– 22 Nov. Talk at MEDIATIONS conference, RCA London – http://tr-aders.eu/conference/general-theme/ (Michiel de Lange).

– 29 Nov. 2016 Invited guest lecture Gem. Rotterdam Knowledge Lab Urban Big Data (Michiel de Lange).

– 13 Dec. 2016 Organized & chaired lecture & Workshop Ole B. Jensen & Simon Wind at UU, Sweelinckzaal (Michiel de Lange).

– Moderations Studium Generale ArteZ. Morderation: Lost in Translation/2016 (Sigrid Merx).


– 27 June Digital Cities 9 Workshop: Hackable Cities: From Subversive City Making to Systemic Change. University of Limerick (Michiel de Lange).

– Sigrid Merx. Studium Generale ArteZ. Morderation: Just Another Day/2015, Lost in Translation/2016, Revolte: The revolution will be live/2017.


– 3-4 September 2014. Invited speaker and participant. Workshop: Code and the City. NUI Maynooth, Ireland, September 3-4 (Nanna Verhoeff).

– May 27-28 2014 Organizer Workshop: Time Travelers: Temporality and Digital Mapping. Oxford University, 27-28 mei. (Nanna Verhoeff).