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Challenge-based learning and alliance with Eindhoven and Wageningen

49 university students from Utrecht, Eindhoven and Wageningen will think together about how some of the limitations of the lockdown can be overcome safely in Utrecht together with the municipality. The Covid challenge  is part of the first educational collaboration that is offered by the alliance between the four institutions that was started last year ….

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Creative Urban Methods website

The [urban interfaces] project called Creative Urban Methods (CRUM) can be followed on a new page from now on: CRUM. Make sure to visit this webpage as well!

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Live cast SESSION #5: Playful Urban Futuring

As our planet is rapidly urbanizing, techno-utopian visions of future urban life are gaining considerable traction. However, numerous people argue that envisioning and shaping our urban future is a challenge of the imagination rather than a technological challenge. “What if?” is the key imaginative question. What if things were different? Instead of tech-driven scenarios, we…

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Walking-Thinking: Exploring the Openness of Our Cities

Organizers: Jente Hoogeveen  external link(MA), Dr. Corelia Baibarac-Duignan  external link, Dr. Sigrid Merx  external link, Utrecht University Date & Time: Session 1: March 25, 10:00 – 12:00 (CET time) Session 2: March 26, 13:00 – 15:00 (CET time) What is an open city? What makes a city open? When do we experience a city as open? How we answer such questions not…

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“Governing the Digital Society” webinar by Special Interest Group “Inclusion in the datafied city”

Inclusion in the datafied city On the 23rd of February the Special Interest Group “Inclusion in the datafied city”  external link will host the webinar. SIG-coordinator Michiel de Lange has invited Ayona Datta to talk about the theme of inclusion in the datafied city. She will share and discuss her work on gendering the smart city, and her action research in Delhi’s urban…

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